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Do's and dont's by URC's


  • Demand only what customers desire, not what is prompted.
  • Report failure in after-sales-service/quality to Depot Manager / RM / HO.
  • Nominate responsible representative for URC meetings.
  • Report non-availability of desirable items to RM / HO.
  • Canteen staff to ensure that consumer durables are sold duly checked by the customer.
  • Guarantee card to be filled and handed over to customer.
  • Get defective items (within warranty period) replaced free of cost as entitled to the customer.
  • Up-date the price list regularly.
  • Submit indents before 10th of every month.
  • Indents should be raised according to what customers need and not just the repetition of old demands.
  • Ensure that cheques are not dishonoured.
  • Accept new items for better appreciation and feedback from customer.
  • Report discrepancies like shortages, wrong issues, etc., duly enclosing Board Proceedings to the depot within 30 days.
  • Please adjust petty losses in your QD.
  • Check doubtful packing cases at the time of collection.
  • Collect AFD (Category-II) items within the same month in which they are received / invoiced.
  • Return within 60 days (if unsold) new items / substitutes issued without URC’s demand.


  • Don’t pamper CSD staff.
  • Don’t accept items substituted / forced without your consent.
  • Do not correspond for petty losses.
  • Please avoid leakages of stores to unauthorised sources.
  • Do not send clueless representatives for collection of stores.

Help Us To Help You

  • Quote Section and Index Numbers while submitting indents.
  • Indicate 1st and 2nd Alternative in case of short supply items.
  • Contact C.S.D. Depot Manager personally for your problems.
  • Your suggestions are always welcome.
  • Our Terms of Trading are strictly cash, Delay in payment would cause avoidable inconvenience of JAWANS.
    NOTE : The Price Lists, Price Correction List and Price Revision Circulars are distributed to all registered Unit-run Canteens through the C.S.D. Area Depots. In case of difficulty or non-receipt, Units should contact the Manager of the Depot on which they are based for supplies and NOT to Canteen Stores Department H.O. MUMBAI.
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