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CSD was set up in 1948, CSD created to a few hundred URCs with a select range of basic items of daily use. Today CSD sources and distributes for a fraternity of over 13.5 million serving personal, pensioners and families!
For CSD, ‘Consumer is the King’ Therefore, CSD attempts to meet every demand from the URC by following an aggressive “No Denials” policy and at the same time we make sure that the interest of Vendors are attended to only so far as it is necessary for promoting the requirement of our troops.
Times are changing and with increased consumerism, nuclear families, the proliferation of media, the internet and media responsive mobile device, come increased spending at the individual and household level. No longer satisfied with only low-cost brands, our consumers now crave for a premium shopping experience in an exclusive shopping environment.
The future holds lot of promise and the digital onslaught presents numerous opportunities as also many challenges. While anticipating the next round of changes in a now resurgent India, we are confident of our ability to continue fulfilling our mandate to the soldier and his family.

Jai Hind!