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The Unit Run Canteens (URCs) are a one stop shop for authorized consumers - they offer a choice of food and beverage items and toiletries along with all kinds of consumer durables, at the lowest prices in the country. Thousands of URCs are spread across India, from the busiest to the most remote locations, for the convenience of our troops.

A comprehensive set of guidelines for setting up and running URCs are available on this website. Please click on the Guidelines tab for guidance on the following:

  • Statement of Case for opening a new URC
  • Eligibility for opening a new URC
  • Financial assistance given to URC

Please click on the Forms tab to download the following Forms for:

  • Registration number required to open a URC
  • Registration of URC for para-military forces under operation/administrative control of the Army
  • Financial assistance from CSD
  • Agreement required to open URC

The URC manual is also available in hard copy format. If you would like a copy, please send an e-mail request to agmsecy(at][dot]in

Please download pdf files using Acrobat Adobe Reader. In case it is not installed on your device, please install from this link.