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Address : "ADELPHI", 119 Maharshi Karve Road, MUMBAI - 400 020.

Tel No. (Board) : 2203 7120 / 2203 7140 / 2203 7142 AFD Help Desk Contact Number - 0120-6933434

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Introduction Of Items In CSD agmsecy[at]csdindia[dot]gov[dot]in jgm1[at]csdindia[dot]gov[dot]in ,dgmms[at]csdindia[dot]gov[dot]in
Quality & Quantity Of Products In CSD dgmms[at]csdindia[dot]gov[dot]in gm[at]csdindia[dot]gov[dot]in, jgm1[at]csdindia[dot]gov[dot]in
Service In URC/ Complaints Pertaining To URC Local Formation/ URC Management ddgcs[at]csdindia[dot]gov[dot]in
Policy Pertaining To URCs ddgcs[at]csdindia[dot]gov[dot]in
Issues Related To Smart Cards ddgcs[at]csdindia[dot]gov[dot]in
Purchase Of AFD I Items (Four Wheelers, Two Wheelers, White Goods) agmafd[at]csdindia[dot]gov[dot]in jgm1[at]csdindia[dot]gov[dot]in , ddgcs[at]csdindia[dot]gov[dot]in
Complaints Against CSD Employees jgm2[at]csdindia[dot]gov[dot]in gm[at]csdindia[dot]gov[dot]in
Pay/ Pension/ Grievances Of CSD Employees (Less URC) dgmpa[at]csdindia[dot]gov[dot]in jgm2[at]csdindia[dot]gov[dot]in, dgmfa[at]csdindia[dot]gov[dot]in
Grievances From Suppliers gm[at]csdindia[dot]gov[dot]in jgm1[at]csdindia[dot]gov[dot]in, dgmfa[at]csdindia[dot]gov[dot]in

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